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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours - A Terrific Way to Sightsee the National Park

There is a reason tourists refer to Las Vegas as the premiere destination for entertainment in the world. After all, it's full of world-class casinos, five-star resort hotels and some of the world's best live entertainment. But many people don't realize that the city is also the departure point for helicopter flights to the magnificent Grand Canyon. Encompassing over a million acres of untouched wilderness, Grand Canyon National Park is a natural wonderland. The park is more than 270 miles long, and that was created by the sheer willpower of water over the course of years. To understand the incredible size of this park, consider that the average depth is a mile and the average width is ten miles. It's a canyon of epic proportions, and it attracts an epic five million visitors every year. It is among the seven wonders of the world, and many rank it as the most breathtaking. The scenery in the region is nothing short of spectacular. Although backpacking and hiking are popular ways to experience this natural wonder, you won't be able to see everything properly from the ground. Grand Canyon helicopter rides give you the best opportunity to see the magnificence all around you. When you sign up for Grand Canyon air tours, you are shuttled directly from your hotel to the field for takeoff. Once you are checked into the flight, you board a comfortable plane designed for modern travelers. For the best experience, look for tour services that use EcoStar 130 planes, since they are much quieter than other planes and offer more space to sit back, relax, and take in the views from large viewing windows. You will fly over inactive volcanoes as well as many bodies of water, including the Colorado River, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead. You will want to snap thousands of pictures as you go through this amazing tour, so make sure your digital camera is charged with fresh batteries or you have many rolls of film ready to roll. Grand Canyon helicopter flights provide headsets for two reasons: they let you chat with your pilot and fellow passengers; and they allow you to listen to an expert tour narration. Grand Canyon helicopter flights come in two categories. Aerial tours fly over the canyon and then return to the airfield. Personally, I think the helicopter flights that combine aerial and ground experiences (?landing tours?) are better than the strictly aerial trips. You can even go on a landing tour that will go down 4,000 feet to put you right on the floor of the Canyon. You can take in the floor of the Canyon and the amazing Colorado River while you recharge with a snack. The Grand Canyon Skywalk (nicknamed the ?Glass Bridge? because it's made of glass) is part of the experience during another popular landing tour. Hundreds of thousands of visitors brave the Skywalk every year, standing on glass 3,500 feet over the floor of the canyon and venturing seventy feet from the rim of the Canyon. You simply have to abide by the rules, which means leaving your camera, phone, and other electronics behind while you take this thrilling walk. It is very important to check the weather and dress accordingly when going on this type of landing tour. In the summer the sun beats down to the tune of 100 degrees most days, which means you need to prepare by bringing a hat to protect your head, water to stay hydrated, and sunglasses for a great viewing experience. Do not let the heat fool you: long sleeves are still advised. Winter weather tends to be windy and cold, so make sure you have a jacket or windbreaker on hand. If you want to enrich your Las Vegas vacation with one of these Grand Canyon air tours, make sure to book your tour seats well in advance. Since these tours fill up quickly, those who wait to the last minute to book tickets end up fighting for the few seats not booked in advance. Once you are sure you want to take the tour and know which day you would like to go, book the tickets a few days to a week ahead of schedule. You'll find the best prices online. Just remember that you'll need to reserve your flight on the tour company's website in order to take advantage of the great Internet deals.

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