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When to Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Grand Coulee helicopter trips are a absurd way to acquaintance the National Park. However, not all tours are created equal, abnormally if it comes down to the time of day in which to fly. Here are a few tips for free how to aces the best flight for you. Canyon helicopter tours abandon from Las Vegas, NV, and Grand Coulee Airport in Tusayan, AZ, the baby boondocks amid 10 account from the gates of the South Rim. You will not acquisition absolute flights from Vegas to the South Rim. You'll charge to yield a bus ride, or even to the helicopter abandonment point instead. Which Rim is for you? If you are searching for adventure, go to the West Rim. Because there you will be able to acreage and adore a baiter cruise or airing out over the coulee on the bottle Grand Coulee Skywalk. On the added hand, the South Rim has been dubbed the official Grand Canyon, and is account seeing too. It is anchored about 270 afar from Las Vegas and is a accepted stop for vacationers to Central Arizona. On this Rim, helicopters aren't accustomed to alight into the coulee and acreage on the bottom. However, that's calmly rectified if you fly through the Dragoon Corridor, the deepest, widest area of the National Park. Be able for hot acclimate during the summer months if it usually alcove about 100 degrees every day forth the West Rim. I acclaim you accompany water, sun block, a hat and sunglasses. Sturdy shoes are a accept to so you can handle the bouldered terrain, and continued sleeved shirts are a acceptable abstraction too. The winter months are abundant cooler. During this time, I advance cutting a beanie, gloves and a medium-weight jacket. South Rim summers are nice and temperate. This is because the acclivity is 6,000-feet plus. I still acclaim you accept on your being affluence of baptize and sun block. Winters are added acute than that at West Rim. The temperatures are colder and there is added snow. Having said that, winter is one of the best times of the year to appointment South Rim because you'll appealing abundant accept the esplanade to yourself. The Rim you choose, forth with the division of the year and its weather, will affect the time of day you accept to fly. Aboriginal morning flights are accepted in the summer. That would cover any trips that abandon afore lunchtime. Particularly if you plan to yield a landing bout forth the West Rim, you wish to get an aboriginal alpha so you can abstain the acute backward afternoon heat. The aforementioned cerebration applies to aerial from July through September if the Monsoon sweeps into Arizona. That agency lots of thunderstorms. They pop up about every afternoon like clockwork. If you book your Grand Coulee helicopter bout during that time period, affairs are acceptable it will get delayed until the storm passes, or it could get annulled altogether. There are a brace of added things to apperceive about morning air tours. First, the air is smoother, abnormally during summer if accessory turbulence aces up in the afternoons. Secondly, afterimage is better. Again, during summer, there's a brume in the air. It is acquired by dust, pollution, and even backwoods fires. That said, the added abundant time to fly is about sunset, which is added by this air "debris." Don't accent if you can't get a morning flight. Yes, it's better, but overall, helicopter tours are alarming in and of themselves. Just get in the air and go, because there is annihilation absolutely so alarming as examination the Grand Coulee from above.

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